Quest 2: Golden Ratio

Wisdom gathered from all over the world for the benefit of diversity and inclusion are offered as educational materials:

  • to get to know other cultures and wisdom traditions
  • to promote intercultural communication, art forms and philosophies
  • to develop unifying cultural practices.

Through these materials, functioning as a Golden Ratio — partly published on the Wisdom Web (Quest 1) and also shared on the Encounter Days, through Workshops and Masterclasses as well as being documented on the QFWF video channel (Quest 3) — personal growth and community building are facilitated.
The Golden Ratio consists of an artistically designed and culturally diverse palette of materials that are grouped around particular themes of the intercultural art of living; such as the wisdom taught through play, proverbs, myths and animal stories.

The QFWF sees the realization of an Intercultural Meeting House for the promotion of the Golden Ratio as a promising future project.

The Three Pillars of Quest 2: Golden Ratio

Golden Ratio Playfulness — Board Games and Dialogue Tables

Golden Ratio Digital — Digital Games, Animations, etc.

Golden Ratio Collections — (E) Books of Wisdom

Purchase of Educative Materials

One hundred percent of the money raised by the sale of all of the products will be used in realising our upcoming QFWF educational projects, all of which are non-profit and run by volunteers.

Update 2022-07

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Animal Wisdom Educational

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Teaching Modules

In order to draw attention to the intercultural roots of wisdom traditions, the QFWF taps into Animal Wisdom from all corners of the world as a symbolic mirror for the good life in the cosmopolis. With the aim of promoting cross-cultural values from all corners of the world in today’s cosmopolis. To this end, the material is presented in appealing and artistic educational forms.

Focussing on:

  • The introduction to other cultures and their wisdom traditions
  • The promotion of intercultural communication, art forms and philosophies
  • The development of connecting cultural practices together
  • Stimulating love and respect for the natural environment and ecological awareness

Honorary member Dirk De Wachter

Fresh off my liver, the feeling is bubbling that these initiatives are essential to a society, bottom-up encounters, where humanity appears in difference.


Dirk, 4 April 2019

Grant awarded

by the neighborhood fund of Amsterdam South-East!

The South East Fund — in collaboration with the Prince Bernard Cultuurfonds — has awarded a subsidy to the QFWF to help further develop the storytelling program!

“The Southeast Fund is unanimously enthusiastic about your project. Although they consider the project ambitious, they consider it a worthy initiative. They like how you use this project to introduce children to the multi-coloured nature of the multicultural society.

In the eyes of the neighbourhood committee, you make an important intercultural contribution that can be used in many schools.

There is confidence in the organization and in the teaching material that has already been developed.

They therefore applaud the fact that you are going to digitize and wish you every success.”

An Intercultural Teaching Module

The wisdom of the purple octopus is the symbol of Animal Wisdom — drawing by Chrisje Ronde

The completion of the project will provide a basis for developing more intercultural teaching modules, also for secondary education. The presentation of the materials through diverse media appeals to the imagination and shows how animal symbolism transcends cultural boundaries. The artistic design of animal wisdom shows the colourful unity in the diversity of cultures.

The project has provided educational material for schools in Amsterdam South-East. During two workshops, the material was developed for a (digital) intercultural lesson and for an in-depth curriculum:

Workshop 1: When Animals Narrate Cultures…

Workshop 2: Animals as Wisdom Seekers

The elaboration of this material into an introductory and in-depth teaching program “Citizenship education, diversity and inclusion” for primary school is described in the (NL) QFWF-storytelling-Project-Eindrapportage.

Update 2022-07

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