Masquerade Game: Meeting Strange Others!

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Masks and the wisdom in live encounters: the strange other — within yourself

Jester (Museo Nazionale Archeologico di Taranto, Italy) — photo by Joke Koppius

With the masquerade game you explore the social masks that we all wear and the art of meeting each other in a small group. The game lets you play with kingly wisdom and foolish tricks! It invites you to see the interplay between people as a masquerade and to meet the strange other (in yourself) and thereby unmask yourself and others.

Playing with masks teaches one to find a good balance between identification with functional role(s) and total detachment to your own form of social engagement.

ISBN: 978-90-822774-5-6 — Masquerade Game: meeting strange others!

  • Playing with social masks and tapping into your own jester and king to wisdom
  • The Masquerade Game provides an introduction to the Hero Game: play yourself!
  • Duration: at least one half day, for 3 to 6 players.
  • A workshop ‘demasqué’, also available an in-company program, with a multitude of the game material for groups of teams of up to 24 people: to strengthen relational qualities and developmental processes by giving attention to nasty encounters, bad feelings in collaboration and confrontations in work contexts.

Playing Materials

Part of  Masquerade Game: Meeting Strange Others!

Box containing:

  • Playing field:
    1 Nasty Encounters
  • Play Attributes:
    1 Hourglass (of about 3 minutes);
    1 six Colour Dice;
    6 Coloured Pencils;
    8 mask holders
  • Playing Cards:
    8 Nasty creaturers;
    8 Royal Wisdom
  • Playing tokens:
    8 Symbols of Encountering

Working Materials:

  • 1 Instruction Guide with
    8 Fill-in form for the exercises in the game;
    8 Format for making the mask;


Update 2022-07