Pythia Play: take a throw!

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Creative oracle game that taps into your own wisdom

Draw the form of your throw as shown in the instruction booklet!

The Pythia game facilitates a dialogue with the Pythia for players. It can also be played solo, or with (several) pairs. As the priestess of the Temple of Apollo, the Pythia understands the art of asking puzzling questions and mediating between humans and the god Apollo, who sees over the horizon with his celestial chariot; thus transcending the limited perspective of space and time with heavenly wisdom.

Just as this priestess used to give her advice in oracle language in the temple of Delphi, so in the Pythia game players are an oracle for themselves and for each other. By having a dialogue with each other players interpret the mythical images through the means of a labyrinthine compass.

On the playing field players throw 5 elemental objects (which refer to the five elements earth, water, air, fire, ether) and interpret the form of the throw, both literally and figuratively ― thereby concentrating on a question, problem or wish they have for themselves personally or professionally. The playing field on which the 5 elemental objects are thrown also correspond to the 5 elements, and thus the throw creates an enigmatic trail referring to the alchemy between the elements.

The throw on the playing field

The instruction booklet guides the process from imagination to verbal articulation, with which players demystify the throw around their personal question or wish. The result is poetic advice in the form of a haiku.

Participants alternately play the role of the Pythia (priestess and oracle) for each other.

ISBN: 978-90-822774-2-5 — Pythiaspel: Doe een worp!

  • Duration: one half day, solo or with one or more couples.

Playing materials

Box contains:

  • Playing Field: of the 2 central rounds of the Dialogue Table
  • Playing attributes: 1 sand glass;
    drawing material: 6 colour pencils;
    5 elemental obects;
    1 Dream travelling and Heroic Dreams (Droomreizen en Heldendromen) with 22 songs
  • Instruction booklet:
    with Fill-in form for the exercises in the dialogue

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