The Quest for wisdom foundation (QFWF) is founded to stimulate the intercultural art of living

“Every person longs for the good life and every culture has wisdom on how to flourish as a person and as a community: on an inward journey that connects all corners of the world.

In a tilting world order the QFWF aims to contribute towards a culture of openness and pluriformity, by tapping into one’s own and shared historical roots and to revitalize wisdom traditions in appealing intercultural forms.

The Wheel of the Intercultural Art of Living has been created in order to realize this mission through the three Quests:

Quest 1 Wisdom Web

Collecting, developing and publishing (inter)cultural and artistic material for the Wisdom Web

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Quest 2 Golden ratio

Developing and publishing the diversity of cultural wisdom into a golden ratio of educational material to enhance the intercultural art of living, such as play- and dialogue forms, e-books and storytelling

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Quest 3 Meet

Organizing living Encounters and a space between cultures through Meeting Days, Masterclasses and the QFWF video channel

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