QFWF Dialogical Circles

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QFWF-dialogical Circles around the theme of the QFWF-Year-Programme

For the QFWF-Friends and the QFWF-Soul Circle the Dialogical meetings are open!


  • Guidance: Heidi Muijen
  • Data: several meetings with dialogues around the QFWF-year programme
  • Practical: meetings on Saturday’s
  • Time: Afternoon
  • Location: Agenda
  • Open for ‘Friends’ of the QFWF.
  • Costs: By giving a donation as ‘Friends’ of the Quest for wisdom foundation.
    From at least € 45,= per year on IBAN number NL14TRIO0777827654 of the Quest for wisdom foundation in Weesp.

Naturally, the QFWF foundation greatly appreciates a more generous donation!

More information, Requests and Registration (obligatory): info@questforwisdom.org

Update 2024-02