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The QFWF organises an annual Meeting Day in which a social theme is central and serves as a springboard for questions about the intercultural art of living and is then brought into dialogue through philosophical, spiritual angles and artistic expressions.


On February 12, 2016: as a prelude to the start of the foundation, we presented a digital game form with wisdom from all over the world: the digital game Quest for Wisdom in the Weesp Library.

On December 22, 2016: the QFWF founding party initiated a playful presentation of the objectives of the Quest for Wisdom Foundation and the relevance of the philosophy of member of honour Dirk De Wachter (NL).
In addition, ‘the cat’ and ‘the lantern’ ― in a small dialogue with the aid of the symbolism on the dialogue table ― was chosen as symbols for the year 2017.

On June 23, 2017: a Meeting Day on the theme of boundaries, walls and a space in between, with the festive announcement of the launch of the Wisdom Web.

An impression of the day can be seen in a video by Jeffrey Mohammad van der Velde and Tycho Muijen.

On November 24, 2018: a Meeting Day on the theme of Intercultural Celebrations and Rituals under the motto “Bárðarbunga and the Zeitgeister”. A video of the day was made by Antoinette Hijstek.

On September 7, 2019: a Meeting Day about storytelling on the rhythm of life, crossing the borders of cultures and media with a musical opening by Mitra Muijen. Look for an impression on the QFWF-video-channel (NL)and the programme: Ontmoetingsdag 2019 (NL)

The QFWF Meeting Day on September 17, 2020 was extra meaningful against the background of the tightened corona (lock down) measures and Buber’s statement, “All real life is meeting”, became a living experience. The QFWF development team presented cross-cultural perspectives and forms of storytelling around the wisdom of snakes: the Animal Wisdom Programme (NL) consisted of art, music, intercultural dialogue and stories! François Reincke made the visual impression on the QFWF-video-channel

On October 2, 2021, the Meeting Day was all about the launch of the third QFWF website Animal Wisdom the fifth anniversary of the QFWF. In the atmospheric location in the Plofhuis near Fort Uitermeer on the Vecht, on offer was dance, music, images and philosophy centred around the theme Birds Wisdom (NL) for harsh (corona) times.
François Reincke made the visual impression of all the artistic contributions to the programme.

For the QFWF Meeting Day 2022, on October 29 in theater Wesopa in Weesp, an artistic program has been developed around the theme: “Shaping the good life together with all the colorful cultures on mother earth, while there are smoldering and exploding fires on the world stage .” The central question was: How to set boundaries properly so that the beauty of the difference may shine? In three workshops and a ritual ribbon, world citizenship was brought to life with metaphors “such as audible in world music, visible in world cities, tasted in world kitchens and heard in the stories of one’s own family history”.

Nivedita Yohana and Tess van Dongen made impressions and Dick schäfer a video.

The QFWF Meeting Day 2023, on October 21, on the first floor of “The Library of Gooi-Bussum”, marks the start of the QFWF project “World Citizenship from the Street” under the title Het Ei van Sankofa!
The name of the bird SAN-KO-FA symbolizes the Ghanaian saying: “There is nothing wrong with going back for what you have forgotten.”
In a Triptych the egg is peeled to find fruitful ingredients for global citizenship:
“SAN= Re.… ― KO= … Membering ― FA= For the future: whom we want to be for our children’s grandchildren….”
Each Liege is opened and concluded musically by Henry Muldrow and his Cultural Dream Weavers:
to SAN, the past, with a workshop on how to take responsibility for the history of slavery and colonization led by Nivedita Yohana; then a poem by Erfan Pourmohammadi about realizing freedom in the present, KO, and images by Nour Kayali about global citizenship as a hopeful future perspective, FA.
A ritual red thread connects the three parts of the programme through polylogue led by Heidi Muijen & Maud van Ingen & Robin Stemerding.

QFWF Annual Meeting Day Group

Every year, a circle of QFWF stakeholders is formed, that chooses a social relevant theme and develops the programme and organization of the annual Meeting Day.

Update 2022-07