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From the artistic, philosophical and spiritual treasures of wisdom drawn from different corners of the world and the personal reflections and wisdom of the QFWF authors, a colorful series will arise in the coming years.

The QFWF Wisdom Collection arose from the wisdom of QFWF authors with ‘wild hairs’ and a passion to share their interests. The QFWF authors unlock the richness of cultures worldwide through their stories, music, visual arts, philosophical and spiritual traditions in their own way to a wide readership. They show wisdom from the North, the South, the East and the West from a broad perspective, in multi-faceted and artistic forms. More in depth studies that highlight specific aspects and artistic wisdom from cultural traditions will also soon appear in the QFWF Wisdom Collection.

These (e-)books are published in the Dutch and/or English language; and sometimes also multilingual. The proceeds from these (e-)books will entirely benefit this program and future QFWF projects. We hope for a broad and interested audience for this entire varied series.

The first three books in the QFWF Wisdom Collection will appear in a physical form, partly thanks to a subsidy awarded by the Dutch Cultural Participation Fund (ngo) in 2023 for the ‘QFWF Global Citizenship from the Street program’.

    1. The series opens with Amor Fati (NL) by Heidi Muijen, playing wisdom for the cosmopolis, with background information about the mythical-philosophical board game of the same name and about the philosophy of the QFWF-Wheel of intercultural art of living. ISBN 978-94-92-127-174
    2. The second book Koloniale wa(a)r(d)en (NL) by Fred de Haas contains reflections on colonialism and reflects the Caribbean identity in poetry and literature, also with own poems. ISBN 978-94-92-127-181
    3. The third Amor Mundi, a colorful image book, documents how the world dream of world citizenship has been co-creatively developed into reality. ISBN 978-94-92-127-198
    4. Hans van Rappard expertly explains the fascinating Chinese and European wisdom traditions in an intercultural-philosophical manner in e-book 4, Walking Two Roads, Accord and Separation in Chinese and Western Thought (EN). ISBN 978-94-92-127-204
    5. In e-book 5 Russische Zigeunerromances (NL), Fred de Haas opens up a hitherto little-exposed genre of Gypsy Romances with its rich intercultural and historical sources. The clickable links to beautiful old and newer renditions, including the musical renditions of Fred de Haas (guitar and vocals) and Ralph Kreuter (balalaika), are ISBN 978-94-92-127-211
    6. In e-book 6 Middeleeuwse chirurgie in woord en beeld (NL), Marcel Reyners makes this invaluable collected wisdom about illuminated medieval surgery available to a broad Dutch-speaking audience – drawing on his years of life, travel and work experience with his richly flowing and literary pen.
      ISBN 978-94-92-127-228

And more new (e-)books will see the light …!

Purchase of Educative Materials

One hundred percent of the money raised by the sale of all of the products will be used in realizing our upcoming QFWF educational projects, all of which are non-profit and run by volunteers.

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