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Dieren WijsheidWisdom of AnimalsBuddha as an AnimalCaught in the Cosmic WebGevangen in het Kosmische WebJewels of Indian FolkloreMadagaskar, Land van Orale Cultuur, Lemuren en Kameleons

The Animal Wisdom Collection aims to unlock cosmopolitan and ecological wisdom from cultural traditions worldwide.
Developing an ‘elemental’ wisdom that transcends the boundaries of cultures is the focus of this series of (e)books.

The elemental wisdom and natural forces that animals embody—attributed to animals in fairy tales, legends, myths, and other stories—help to counterbalance one-sided power politics and oppressive ideologies on the world stage.
Animal Wisdom shows the convergence of cultures, beyond value relativism and a monocultural cultural story.

QFWF Authors and artists have collected animal wisdom stories worldwide from various genres. They have processed these stories in new and appealing and artistic forms.
The collections of stories introduce readers to wisdom traditions from specific (inter)cultural regions and storytelling traditions.

Dieren Wijsheid ― uit Noord, Zuid, Oost en West

Heidi Muijen
NL, 2022
ISBN: 978 94 921 27 099
201 pages, pdf
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Wisdom of Animals ― North, South, East and West

Heidi Muijen and Greg Suffanti
EN, 2022
ISBN: 978 94 921 27 105
177 pages, pdf
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This e-book explains the QFWF storytelling program.

It unlocks the philosophy behind the Intercultural Wheel of Animal Wisdom.

This e-book contains 20 animal stories from four cultures: Snake, Salmon, Raven, Lion and other (mythical) animals are always highlighted from the North, South, East and West.

In all the stories, original works by visual artists — Caroline Young, Chrisje Ronde, Greg Suffanti, Louis Van Marissing, Nour Kayali, Robin Stemerding and Veronica HuisintVeld — express the wisdom that these animals embody. Just like the photos by Adri de Groot, Gea Smit, Heidi Muijen, Johann Gomes, Joke Koppius, Laurens Gomes, Maike Stegeman, Marie-Claire Marx, Miny Verberne and Moniek Steggerda.

Due to the appealing stories and artistic forms, this animal wisdom drawn from all over the world, feeds the soul very directly – even without having to decipher the symbolism – and in addition, reflections by Dr. Heidi Muijen on all stories provides food for reflection on how animals as strange birds, smart foxes and courageous lions can develop ‘global citizenship’.

This book is available in a Dutch version and in an English version

Buddha as an Animal

Greg Suffanti
EN, 2022
ISBN: 978 94 921 27 075
61 pages, pdf
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The third eBook is Buddha as an Animal, as Originally Told in the Jatakamala by Arya Shura, and features classic Buddhist stories retold by Greg Suffanti. Several stories are in poetic form and one can be heard as a rapversie!
It is sung how the Bodhisattva, reborn as Dhritarashtra, king of the geese, spread the wondrous Dharma….

Read how a woodpecker, rabbit, buffalo, elephant and other wise animals from the east also embody Buddhist virtues!
In addition, Greg has illustrated the stories with his watercolours.
This e-book contains all of the stories from the Mahayana Buddhist Jatakamala Narratives in which Buddha is represented as an animal.

In English

Caught in the Cosmic Web — Ghanaian Folk Tales in the Twenty-First Century

Kofi Dorvlo and Louise Müller
EN, Akan/Twi, and Ewe, 2022
ISBN: 978 94 921 27 112
130 pages, pdf
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Gevangen in het Kosmische Web — Ghanese Volksverhalen in de 21e Eeuw

Heid Muijen and Johann Gomes
NL, Ewe en standard Akan/ Twi, 2022
ISBN: 978 94 921 27 028
circa 140 pages, pdf
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Ghanaian stories about the spider Anansi and other African animals. Twenty Animal stories straight from the modern oral tradition, put in writing for the first time by Dr. Kofi Dorvlo… can be found in the 4th and 5th e-book! With an introduction by Dr. Louise Müller. Josee Tesser’s cheerful illustrations bring the old Ghanaian stories to life for today’s readers with her refreshing and artistic interpretations.

As experts in African Studies, Louise Müller and Kofi Dorvlo shed light on how the spider Anansi, when encountering other animals, demonstrates both his wit and criticism of the greed, stupidity and arrogance found in human society.

Two trilingual e-books:

English, standard Akan/Twi and Ewe — and
Dutch, standard Akan/Twi and Ewe.

Jewels of Indian Folklore ― Blurring and Blending of Cultures

Nivedita Yohanna and Greg Suffanti
EN, 2022
ISBN: 978 94 921 27 136
173 pages, pdf
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The sixth eBook contains 20 traditional Indian stories: some are retellings by Dr. Nivedita Yohana and Greg Suffanti of stories from, among others, the classic Panchatantra — from the ancient Hindu Vedic tradition.

In addition, Nivedita and Greg, inspired by this old storytelling tradition, have created a number of original stories themselves. Enjoy the timeless wisdom, which is reflected in the coexistence of animals, with difficult confrontations between a jackal and tiger, the servitude of the camel, the arrogance of the young tiger and the witticisms of a monkey. Each ‘moral of the story’ has been brought to the fore with practical and fun exercises for students and reflections on the virtues that the animals represent.

Together, the authors illuminate the meaning of these stories and their roots in the Vedic tradition.
Nour Kayali’s original drawings and oil paintings and Greg’s watercolors depict the mythical wisdom of these animal tales.

In English.

Madagaskar, Land van Orale Cultuur, Lemuren en Kameleons

Marcel Reyners
NL, 2023
ISBN: 978 94 921 27 129
316 pages, pdf
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It was English and Norwegian missionaries who were the first to record their folktales, before Madagascar became a French colony in 1895. In few similar countries was there such a wealth of oral tradition in all its forms.

Dr. Marcel Reyners takes us along in the 7th e-book to a series of Malagasy animal stories. Such as the story of the healing of the king’s only daughter, which provides a fascinating explanation of why the locust serves as food for the chameleon.

Illustrated with animal and embroidery pictures by Malagasy women, and with original illustrations by Mirelva Romano and watercolours by Greg Suffanti.

In Dutch.

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