Goal, Mission and Vision QFWF

The Quest for wisdom foundation (QFWF) aims to stimulate the intercultural art of living.

In doing so, the QFWF wants to contribute to a culture of openness, inclusion and cultural diversity diversity by tapping into one’s own and shared historical inter-cultural roots and wisdom traditions.

The QFWF is a non-profit organization and has cultural ANBI status.

Its mission and vision is visualized in the Wheel of intercultural art of living

Three quests of the QFWF

In order to achieve its mission, the QFWF shapes its objectives as three Quests for wisdom.

With the three Quests, the QFWF sets the Wheel of the intercultural art of living in motion:

  • Quest 1 — the Wisdomweb collects and elaborates wisdom from all over the world as a digital spider web and platform for exchange.
  • Quest 2 — Golden ratio develops wisdom from all over the world into educative materials, such as (digital) forms of play and dialogue, and storytelling.
  • Quest 3 — living encounters by organizing the annual QFWF Meeting Day, workshops and masterclasses; and capturing it on the QFWF video channel.
update: 2021-09