Organisation QFWF

The Board of the Quest for wisdom foundation (QFWF)

The QFWF has laid down its mission in promoting an inclusive society in its practices and statutes.

The QFWF board is continuing to play a leadership role in the facilitating, organizing and realizing of the three Quests:

The Members of the Board

The QFWF has three websites:

  • The QFWF-site with general information on the QFWF. Quest 2 — Golden Ratio and Quest 3 — Meet. Additionally, the site has a webshop  and is nearly 100% bilingual: Dutch and English.
  • To give shape to Quest 1 the QFWF has launched the Wisdom Web, intended for the collecting, developing and publishing of (inter)cultural and artistic materials. The site is primarily Dutch language based, but also contains a substantial number of contributions in English.
  • The Animal Wisdom programme has its own website that contains an intercultural storytelling programma that is part of Quest 2 — Golden Ratio (to be found as part of the digital Golden Ratio ‘pillar’). This site is 100& bilingual: Dutch and English.

For the continuous development, renewal and management as well as for monitoring the quality of the sites, the QFWF Board has set up a team of Chief Editors and an Editorial Board.

The QFWF-Editorial Charter aims to guarantee the independence of the journalistic and exploratory content of the Quest for Wisdom sites.

To this end, it regulates the position and tasks of all those involved in these websites as publisher and digital platforms.

Editors in Chief of the three QFWF-websites

The editors-in-chief are responsible for the development of the three QFWF sites and for ensuring the quality of their content.

In order to acknowledge copyrights and everyone’s interests:

  • from the QFWF author[1]
  • from the medium channel, website or publisher, where the material was previously published, of the three QFWF sites and the Quest for wisdom foundation.

The tasks of the Editors-in-Chief are

  • Ensures the development and maintenance of the three Quest sites mentioned.
  • Handles the supplied material with care.
  • Assess the supplied material for suitability for placement on one of the sites.
  • Brings the material into the house style of the sites.
  • Applies illustrations in coordination with the QFWF author
  • Checks whether links and other author data are missing.
  • Ensures that the whole is placed on one of the sites after completion.
  • Lets the entrants know where their specific material can be found on the site

In addition the editors-in-chiefs are responsible for all digital communications:

  • QFWF Nieuwsbrief ‘Spinnend web’
  • QFWF Nieuwsbrief ‘Spinners en Wevers’
  • QFWF videochannel

The three Editors in Chief are

The Editorial Board of the QFWF

The Editorial Board — in consultation with the Editors-in-Chiefs — monitors the quality of the material offered by third parties for the three QFWF sites.
The Editorial Board members have a seat on the Editorial Board — because of their unique and diverse qualities.
They ensure quality by providing solicited and unsolicited advice and by contributing to the editorial pages of the Wisdomweb and the Animal-wisdomprogramme.

The Members of the QFWF Editorial Board

Soul Circle

with a keen eye and heart for the three Quests

The QFWF strives to shape its three Quests in co-creation with circles of stakeholders. 
The Think & Do Circle wants to be the intercultural community that the QFWF is propagating as its mission. They form as the hands, hearts, heads and voices of the Quest for Wisdom the ambassadors of the QFWF. They also propagate the QFWF to the outside world in their own networks and internally they are connecting people who boost QFWF initiatives and help shape them to allow the 3 Quests to flow further.

The members of the Soul Circle are

Members of Honour

Honorary members are people who have earned this special recognition due to their inspiring ideas and/or their special contributions to the QFWF.
Since December 2016, the QFWF has selected two honorary members.

The Honarary Members are

Honorary Friends

Honorary friends are people who deserve this status because of their dedication and involvement with the QFWF.

The Honorary Friends are

Update 2023-07

[1] QFWF authors are writers, actors and other muses, such as artists, designers, drafters, photographers, illustrators, video and film makers and other producers of text, images, sound, and stakeholders, who make the texts and other materials available to a of the three QFWF sites have stated.