Quintessence Play: the five elements!

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Wisdom Quotes from East and West, centered around elemental symbolism for meaningful conversations

The playing cards for this type of dialogue contain wisdom quotes based around elemental symbolism from the East and West: and around the five elements and the associated symbols of the eye, heart, spiral, and hand. As the quintessence, or the fifth element, the lemniscate symbolizes the un-said. Contains directions and questions for conducting a dialogue in a small group.

Playing Cards of the Quintessence Play: the five elements!

Three different forms of dialogical and playful conversations are described on three sets of instruction cards:

  1. Quintet card game,
  2. Kairos around a fan of cards
  3. Hermes in the four corners of the world

Four elemental symbols for different types of encounters:

  • the eye as the mirror of the soul
  • the heart that harbours the power of vulnerability
  • the spiral of inward and outward journeys
  • opening hands, as a gesture for human encounter

ISBN: 978-90-822774-0-1 — Quintessencespel: de vijf elementen!

  • Cards with wisdom quotes from East and West with 3 instruction cards for meaningful conversations.
  • The Cards are integrated into the more complex ‘Quest play: follow your quest in the labyrinth’.
  • Duration: 1 ― 2 hours, in a small group to about 8 players.
  • In a guided form and with more Playing Cards, the Quintessence Play can be done with bigger groups, up to 100 players.

Playing materials

Box contains:

Playing cards:

  • 16 cards with wisdom quotes;
  • 3 instruction cards for 3 types of playful conversations:
    1. Quintet
    2. Kairos
    3. Hermes
  • 1 colophon

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Update 2022-07