Dream Game: Follow your Wish!

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Board Game to follow your wish in a dreamlike landscape

Game Board of Dream Game: Follow your Wish!

A preliminary round is based on a creative exercise that depicts the dream wish of the players and determines their starting position, linked to their chosen element (earth, water, air, fire) and their chosen attitude in life. Players then place their pawn on one of the eight frames with principles of happiness through which they enter the dreamlike landscape on the game board. They choose a game supervisor from among themselves who will guide the group through the game on the basis of the Instruction Guide.

The journey then begins by following the labyrinthine paths with mythical-philosophical symbols in five rounds, devoted to life themes.

In a ‘harvesting’ seventh round on the elemental Places of Arrival, the players reflect on their individual journies and its significance for their (working) everyday life.

The Power of Interplay and Dialogue

The dialogues around the game board introduce mythical-philosophical perspectives, tapping into the intuitive knowledge of the players. It is precisely the enigmatic questions and symbols that add an out-of-the-box and metaphorical language about everyone’s dreams and wishes, while the game cards shed light on the insights gleaned from the philosophical art of living. Players are invited to give meaning to what is at stake, and explore the situation into which they have been thrown by the dice (symbolic of chance or destiny). What leeway do you see and how do you give direction on your path of life?

In-between space …

Workshop Dream Game: Follow your wish!

Playing the game calls for some self-reflection, and yet at the same time it is appealing to meet each other in the ‘in-between space’ which is created. Both individually and in a small group, you wander a labyrinthine path across the game board: a landscape full of symbolism. By letting the visual language and the myths speak, an ‘as if’ space is created. While travelling, your own life feels like a dream and your dreams come true…

The game rounds are devoted to basic life themes: authenticity, education, ups and downs, crises and tragedy, encounters on life’s journey and finding your destiny (the centre of the game board). While making choices in the game, players will experience the existential tension between the power of destiny and following your own course, necessary to find your own true orientation in life.

ISBN: 978-90-822774-7-0 — Droomspel: doe je droomwens!

  • Wisdom game for investigating a personal motivation and guiding values in life and work contexts, by playfully practicing the philosophical and mythical art of living.
  • Duration: 1 day to six half-days, for 3 to 8 players.
  • Also applicable for groups and teams of up to 24 people (with a counsellor and suitable working materials) to explore the interplay between personal and professional values and to empower relational qualities and enhance developmental processes.

Playing Materials

2 Boxes containing:

Dream Game: Follow your wish!
  • Board game, Playing Fields en Overview:
    1 game board Landscape of happiness;
    1 playing field Dreaming in the Mirror of Myths;
    1 playing field Alchemy of the Soul;
    1 playing field Temple of Life’s Riddles;
    1 Overview per round of playing cards and rings
  • Playing cards and rings:
    3*32 Cards of rounds;
    3*4 Cards of Elementary way’s;
    6 rings with forces of prosperity and adversary;
    20 Cards of Destiny
  • Playing attributes:
    1 sic coloured dice;
    1 whirlabout;
    1 hourglass (of about 3 minutes);
    1 CD Dream travelling and Heroic Dreams (Droomreizen en Heldendromen) with 22 songs
  • Playing figures/ pawns:
    2 green, 2 red, 2 yellow en 2 blue wooden playing figures;
    2 green, 2 red, 2 yellow en 2 blue hats for the playing figures
  • 120 Elements of happiness:
    30 green — Earth;
    30 red — Fire;
    30 yellow — Air;
    30 blue — Water
  • Working materials:
    1 Instruction Guide with
    8 Fill-in form for the exercises in the game My Life’s Myth.


Explore the motivational power of dreams!

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Philosophical Lantern in the Round of Education

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Quest 1: Wisdom Web

The Wisdom Web is a forum dedicated to the intercultural art of living.

At its core are values of inclusion of different cultures and the beauty of being different.

Quest 1 Wisdomweb

At the Wisdom Web, wisdom from all over the world is collected and presented in a special symbolic way.

In this sense, collecting, arranging, developing and presenting — via the Wheel of the Intercultural Art of Living — takes place in a very unique way, emphatically distinguished and handled differently than, for example, Wikipedia and other (open source) encyclopedias do.

In doing so, the QFWF wants to contribute to intercultural connections based on the realization that these:

  • grow through awareness of the historical roots of cultures,
  • thrive on interest in other cultures and wisdom traditions and
  • bear fruit through encounters and cross-cultural perspectives.

The Wisdom Web continues to grow organically, with a rich palette of philosophical, artistic and spiritual expression and reflections, which concretize the Wheel of the Intercultural Art of Living.
This is accomplished thanks to the input of various QFWF-authors[1]

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[1] QFWF authors are authors, actors, artists, designers, drafters, photographers, illustrators, video and film makers and other producers of text, images, sound, and stakeholders who make the texts and other materials available to a QFWF-site have made.

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Quest 2: Golden Ratio

Wisdom gathered from all over the world for the benefit of diversity and inclusion are offered as educational materials:

  • to get to know other cultures and wisdom traditions
  • to promote intercultural communication, art forms and philosophies
  • to develop unifying cultural practices.

Through these materials, functioning as a Golden Ratio — partly published on the Wisdom Web (Quest 1) and also shared on the Encounter Days, through Workshops and Masterclasses as well as being documented on the QFWF video channel (Quest 3) — personal growth and community building are facilitated.
The Golden Ratio consists of an artistically designed and culturally diverse palette of materials that are grouped around particular themes of the intercultural art of living; such as the wisdom taught through play, proverbs, myths and animal stories.

The QFWF sees the realization of an Intercultural Meeting House for the promotion of the Golden Ratio as a promising future project.

The Three Pillars of Quest 2: Golden Ratio

Golden Ratio Playfulness — Board Games and Dialogue Tables

Golden Ratio Digital — Digital Games, Animations, etc.

Golden Ratio Collections — (E) Books of Wisdom

Purchase of Educative Materials

One hundred percent of the money raised by the sale of all of the products will be used in realising our upcoming QFWF educational projects, all of which are non-profit and run by volunteers.

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Playful Dialogues

Playful DialoguesDialogue Table  — Playful Dialogue Table — Quintessence PlayQuest PlayPythia PlayExistential Play

Pillar 1 What is your quest?! — the playful dialogue table

Dis-covering worlds around (your) life theme’s and professional issues

Meeting the other means really letting someone in!
Together you explore the questions and ideas that arise around the issues at stake and you examine each other’s ideas, associations and experiences around them.

The dialogue ‘tablecloth’ contains symbolism for tapping into the ancient wisdom from East and West, North and South.

The playful Dialogue Table What is your Quest?!

In groups of 2 to 8 people, you can explore a personal, professional or social issue with the help of the Dialogue Guide or under the guidance of a QFWF Game and Dialogue Facilitator.

Co-creatively engaging on a quest!

  • The images on the dialogue table stimulate the imagination of the participants and they contain different symbolic, mythological, and philosophical wisdoms.
  • Two card sets, one with European and one with intercultural perspectives, facilitate a multi-perspective view of the issue being discussed.
  • With a small group on a Quest in four game rounds, the QFWF guide or a game supervisor helps you to discover rich meanings around sensitive issues.

There are several dialogue forms:

The Dialogue Tables of What is your Quest? is suitable for playing in a small group: Either to play it by yourself with the help of the extensive Play Guide. Or you may do so under the guidance of a QFWF game supervisor.

Purchase: Wisdom Shop
Inquire and purchase:

Purchase of Educative Materials

One hundred percent of the money raised by the sale of all of all these games will be used in realising our upcoming QFWF educational projects, all of which are non-profit and run by volunteers.

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