Existential Play: follow your own path!

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Dialogue on existential questions with ethical perspectives

Four sets of cards accompanying the four rounds in the dialogue

The Existential play introduces philosophical and mythological perspectives for conducting a moral dialogue within a small group. In a preliminary round, one chooses who will guide the game as a dialogue facilitator. All other participants enter the game with their chosen personal dilemma, existential question or theme in life and/or in their career.

The game and dialogue facilitator ensures that in each round everyone’s problem, theme or question is addressed. At the same time, there will be a collective dialogical exploration in which players ask each other in-depth questions and reflect on the different symbols in the game that are linked to mythological and philosophical narratives.

During the four dialogical rounds, the players enrich their insights to the question or theme at stake, as well as critically examine their normative beliefs on the basis of:

  • the philosophy on the art of living and the good life
  • the morality of obedience versus the ideal of mastery in life
  • the morality of autonomy and makeability of life
  • the existential loyalty to oneself and the ability to play with a plurality of perspectives

By examining your theme in the game as a moral issue, you are introduced to ethical perspectives in a playful manner. Playing the game will not provide a univocal answer, but rather, players will spin off their problem, theme or question as a moral thread on life’s journey.

ISBN: 978-90-822774-4-9 — Existentiespel: volg je weg!

  • Duration: one (half) to one full day, for 4 to 6 players.

Playing material

Box contains:

  • 4 Playing fields in the instruction guide:
    1 Elementary happiness;
    1 Existential motives;
    1 Temple of moral riddles;
    1 Inner compass;
  • Playing attributes:
    1 colour dice;
    1 hourglass of about 5 minutes;
    1 whirl about
  • Playing cards:
    2*8 Good and evil;
    2*8 Mythical signs;
    2*8 Philosophical signs;
    2*8 Philosophical tools
  • Working materials:
    1 instruction guide with dialogical exercises and
    8 Fill-in forms (double sided)
Playing cards, fill-in form and playing attributes for the Existential Play

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Update 2022-07