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QFWF Editors-in-chief: Heidi Muijen and Joke Koppius

Execution: QFWF Editors-in-chief, QFWF Editorial Board, QFWF authors[1]

QFWF Editors-in-chief and QFWF Editorial Board

The QFWF Editors-in-chief — together with the QFWF Editorial board — ensures the quality of the contributions published on the QFWF sites.

Wheel of Intercultural Art of Living

The Wheel of Intercultural Art of Living is based on an idea and design by Heidi Muijen: the graphic icons are by Louis Van Marissing, with the layout by Joke Koppius.

The pictograms were designed by Louis Van Marissing exclusively for the QFWF. They are borrowed from the QFWF’s play and dialogue forms and from symbols of religious and cultural traditions. Some are designed by Louis Van Marissing himself.

Animal Wisdom Wheel

The Wheel of Intercultural Art of Living developed by the QFWF with the symbolism of the natural elements and the four cardinal directions ― has been developed into the Wheel of Animal Wisdom. The icons, referring to the animals that are linked to the four natural elements of earth, water, air, fire and the fifth element of ether or quintessence — are taken from (Chinese) mythology and designed by Chrisje Ronde.

Continuous development

The Wisdom Web ( has grown over the years with contributions from philosophical, artistic and spiritual wisdom materials… in the broadest sense of the word.

The ambition is to make new, unique content publicly available.

Editorial Pages on the Wisdom Web

The editorial pages contain (in-depth) introductions to many and varied wisdom traditions. They explain the Wheel of intercultural art of living with wisdom paths from East and West, North and South.

The editorial pages come from the QFWF Editors-in-chief and — where indicated — have been written by and with the cooperation of third parties.

Wisdom and Forum on the Wisdom Web

The Wisdom platform consists of texts, visual material (visual arts, craft design, photo and film material), music, … by QFWF authors[1] — experts and autodidacts in the field. All content originated from personal involvement — that provides reflections on the themes and topics introduced in the editorial pages. The goal is to gain a deeper experiential knowledge from the many topics that the QFWF offers, rather than a mere superficial understanding.

The Forum/platform offers an overview of activities and current events, in which the art of living and wisdom traditions, exchange and interaction between cultures stand central.

Animal Wisdom on the Animal Wisdom Web

Animal Wisdom on the Animal wisdom web is presented in narrative, visual, musical, dance or through other media, and articulate the way in which cultures from East, West, North and South incorporate the wisdom of animals in their own narratives.



Update 2021-10

[1] QFWF authors are authors, actors, artists, designers, drafters, photographers, illustrators, video and film makers and other producers of text, images, sound, and stakeholders who provided texts and other materials to one or more of the QFWF sites.