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Turn the Digital Wheel of the Intercultural Art of Living!

The Digital game Quest for Wisdom is based on mythical narratives, proverbs and intercultural symbols that encompass visions of happiness and the art of living.

Twenty stories and eighty symbols from all corners of the world are categorized according to the Wheel of the intercultural art of living. Through reflecting on questions and visualizations of elemental wisdom, players arrive at one of the 20 stories and are assigned a path mirrored in that narrative through the use of the Wheel of the Intercultural Art of Living. They then choose one of four symbols from that story as an intercultural symbolic signpost. In total, the game consists of 80 different symbols from wisdom traditions from the East, West, North and South.

How to play the Game Quest for Wisdom

Animals from the woods ― symbol for natural wisdom

The digital game Quest for wisdom invites players to reflect on (their own and others’) views on happiness in life through means of seven questions.

These revolve around themes of the art of living:

  • To which natural element do you feel connected most (earth, water, air, fire, ether)?
  • Is your attitude to life more towards being proactive or alert following?
  • Which elemental motto gives direction on your life path?
  • Which strong quality gives you courage for further development and which quality do you want to develop further?
  • In which direction are you heading on your path?
  • See how your path in this direction looks like in terms of the art of living, according to the Wheel of the intercultural art of living?
  • Which intercultural symbol from the story assigned by the Wheel of the intercultural art of living would you choose as a signpost?
  • Would you like to receive the full story and the symbol by mail in order to tap into the meaning of the symbolic signpost – possibly in a conversation with a counsellor from the Quest for wisdom foundation?
Heart, symbol of being open and listening to your own heart

The aim is to review the particular course you’ve taken in your life (and career) as seen from the perspective of (inter)cultural mythological and philosophical wisdoms.

The symbolism of the game forms a valuable mirror, which can be further explored through dialogue for the development of the intercultural art of living individually, as a peer group or family, or as a work or sports team.

The further development of the game Quest for Wisdom

The digital game Quest for Wisdom is ‘under construction’. The intention is to add an English version and to improve and expand the functionality.

Using the game in a professional environment? Inquire about possibilities!

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Update 2022-07