Animal Wisdom game

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Consult the oracle in the mountain of reflection

Games and animations are widely accessible and are attractive educational forms for the younger generation. A game based on the QFWF-Animal Wisdom program is under development to promote diversity and inclusion and to teach 21st century skills in educational contexts.

This series and game will be on the website — Animal wisdom — be made suitable.

Although the application for this project to the KNAW Science Communication Pilot Fund was not awarded by scientists, a network has been built with researchers from Leiden University and with the African Research Institute of Óbudai University in Budapest, Hungary.
The Universiteit Leiden has given attention to this project through its online news.

On the Meeting Days 2020 and 2021, content has been developed on the basis of storytelling, dance, games, music and visual art.

These can be seen partly via the QFWF-video-channel with animations and video’s.

Update 2022-07