Quest 3: Meet and Intercultural Encounters

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Annual Meeting Days, Workshops and Masterclasses, and the Video-channel

Quest 3 Meet

In organising and documenting living encounters, the QFWF focuses on social issues, such as issues about the multicultural society and the shift towards an inter- and transcultural world order.

With this, the QFWF aims that the (through video’s, pictures and texts documented) Meeting Days and Masterclasses and Workshops are inspiring examples of the way in which the intercultural art of living contributes to encounters and connections between cultures. The QFWF video channel includes image reports from masterclasses and meetings.

In addition, the QFWF endorses the sustainable development goals of the United Nations, as included in the 2030 Agenda on September 25, 2015. With play, dialogue, storytelling and other educational resources, we want to present the collected wisdom from all corners of the world (on the Wisdom Web) as a Golden Ratio for contemporary ears and eyes in artistic programs. In living encounters, as well as in networks of QFWF-stakeholders we bring this into the spotlight. In this way, current and urgent social issues are enriched with ancient wisdom. QFWF honorary member Dirk de Wachter says about our approach:

Diagram met de 17 duurzame ontwikkelingsdoelen door de V.N. op 25 September 2015 aangenomen als deel van de 2030 Agenda
Diagram showing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals

 “Fresh from my liver, the feeling bubbles up that these initiatives are essential for a society, bottom-up encounters, where humanity appears in difference.”

QFWF Annual Meeting Day

The QFWF organises an annual Meeting Day in which a social theme is central and serves as a springboard for questions about the intercultural art of living and is then brought into dialogue through philosophical, spiritual angles and artistic expressions.

QFWF Workshops & Masterclasses

The QFWF organises and gives workshops and masterclasses on request, in the field of the intercultural art of living and the art of guiding oneself and groups through (hybrid game and animation) forms of storytelling, play & dialogue.

QFWF-video channel

Since autumn 2018, the QFWF has a video channel with recordings of music, lectures, dialogues, workshops and valuable moments from Meeting Days and Masterclasses.

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