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Meeting Days, Workshops and Masterclasses and the Video Channel

In organizing and documenting living encounters, the QFWF focuses on social issues, such as issues about the multicultural society and the shift towards an inter- and transcultural world order.

With this, the QFWF aims that the (documented) Meeting Days and Masterclasses and Workshops are inspiring examples of the way in which intercultural art of living contributes to encounters and connections between cultures. The QFWF video channel includes video reports of masterclasses and meetings/ encounters ontmoetingen.

QFWF Meeting Days

Every year, the QFWF organizes an Encounter Day, in which a social theme is central and is examined through artistic and spiritual expressions and in dialogue as a question of intercultural art of living.

On February 12, 2016: as a prelude to the foundation of the foundation, we presented a digital game form with wisdom from all over the world: the game Quest for wisdom in the Library of Weesp.

On December 22, 2016: the founding party of the QFWF with a playful presentation of the mission and objectives of the Quest for wisdom foundation and the relevance of the ideas of honorary member Dirk De Wachter het gedachtegoed van erelid Dirk De Wachter.
In addition, ‘the cat’ and ‘the lantern’ — in a small dialogue with the aid of the symbolism on the dialogue table — have been chosen as symbols for the year 2017.

On June 23, 2017: a Meeting Day on the theme of Boundaries, walls and in between space between cultures; the festive announcement of the launch of the Wisdom Web.
An impression of the day in a video van Jeffrey van der Velde en Tycho Muijen.

On November 24, 2018: a Meeting Day on the theme of Intercultural Celebrations and Rituals under the motto “Bárðarbunga and the Zeitgeister”. A video of the day was made by Antoinette Hijstek.

On September 7, 2019: a Meeting Day on Storytelling on the rhythm of life, crossing borders of cultures and media with a musical opening by Mitra Muijen. For an impression, look at the QFWF video channel and the program: Ontmoetingsdag 2019

The QFWF Meeting Day on September 17, 2020 was extra meaningfull, given the tightened corona measures and Buber’s statement “All real life is meeting” became a living experience. The QFWF development team presented the wisdom of snakes from intercultural perspectives through differnt forms of storytelling: the start of the Animal Wisdom Programma with visual arts, music, intercultural dialogue and stories! François Reincke made an impression on the QFWF video channel

On October 2, 2021, the Meeting Day was dominated by the launch of the third QFWF website Animal Wisdom and the fifth anniversary of the QFWF. In the atmospheric location at the Plofhuis near Fort Uitermeer on the Vecht Vogelwijsheid was interpreted for trying times with dance, music, images and philosophy.

François Reincke made an impression of all the versatile contributions.

QFWF Workshops & Masterclasses on the Intercultural art of living

The QFWF organizes workshops and masterclasses on request in the field of intercultural art of living and the art of guidance through play & dialogue, hybrid forms of guidance with the game Quest for wisdom and other forms of praxis such as storytelling.

In the period from 2016-2022, a program was organized every six months for the Weesper Philosophy Circle with monthly meetings on themes of the philosophical art of living. Read an impression about the theme ‘dealing with death’.‘omgaan met de dood’.

QFWF-video channel

Since autumn 2018, the QFWF has had a video channel with recordings of music, lectures, dialogue around the console, workshops and valuable moments from Meeting Days and Masterclasses.

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