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Teaching Modules

In order to draw attention to the intercultural roots of wisdom traditions, the QFWF taps into Animal Wisdom from all corners of the world as a symbolic mirror for the good life in the cosmopolis. With the aim of promoting cross-cultural values from all corners of the world in today’s cosmopolis. To this end, the material is presented in appealing and artistic educational forms.

Focussing on:

  • The introduction to other cultures and their wisdom traditions
  • The promotion of intercultural communication, art forms and philosophies
  • The development of connecting cultural practices together
  • Stimulating love and respect for the natural environment and ecological awareness

Honorary member Dirk De Wachter

Fresh off my liver, the feeling is bubbling that these initiatives are essential to a society, bottom-up encounters, where humanity appears in difference.


Dirk, 4 April 2019

Grant awarded

by the neighborhood fund of Amsterdam South-East!

The South East Fund — in collaboration with the Prince Bernard Cultuurfonds — has awarded a subsidy to the QFWF to help further develop the storytelling program!

“The Southeast Fund is unanimously enthusiastic about your project. Although they consider the project ambitious, they consider it a worthy initiative. They like how you use this project to introduce children to the multi-coloured nature of the multicultural society.

In the eyes of the neighbourhood committee, you make an important intercultural contribution that can be used in many schools.

There is confidence in the organization and in the teaching material that has already been developed.

They therefore applaud the fact that you are going to digitize and wish you every success.”

An Intercultural Teaching Module

The wisdom of the purple octopus is the symbol of Animal Wisdom — drawing by Chrisje Ronde

The completion of the project will provide a basis for developing more intercultural teaching modules, also for secondary education. The presentation of the materials through diverse media appeals to the imagination and shows how animal symbolism transcends cultural boundaries. The artistic design of animal wisdom shows the colourful unity in the diversity of cultures.

The project has provided educational material for schools in Amsterdam South-East. During two workshops, the material was developed for a (digital) intercultural lesson and for an in-depth curriculum:

Workshop 1: When Animals Narrate Cultures…

Workshop 2: Animals as Wisdom Seekers

The elaboration of this material into an introductory and in-depth teaching program “Citizenship education, diversity and inclusion” for primary school is described in the (NL) QFWF-storytelling-Project-Eindrapportage.

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Playful Dialogues

Playful DialoguesDialogue Table  — Playful Dialogue Table — Quintessence PlayQuest PlayPythia PlayExistential Play

Pillar 1 What is your quest?! — the playful dialogue table

Dis-covering worlds around (your) life theme’s and professional issues

Meeting the other means really letting someone in!
Together you explore the questions and ideas that arise around the issues at stake and you examine each other’s ideas, associations and experiences around them.

The dialogue ‘tablecloth’ contains symbolism for tapping into the ancient wisdom from East and West, North and South.

The playful Dialogue Table What is your Quest?!

In groups of 2 to 8 people, you can explore a personal, professional or social issue with the help of the Dialogue Guide or under the guidance of a QFWF Game and Dialogue Facilitator.

Co-creatively engaging on a quest!

  • The images on the dialogue table stimulate the imagination of the participants and they contain different symbolic, mythological, and philosophical wisdoms.
  • Two card sets, one with European and one with intercultural perspectives, facilitate a multi-perspective view of the issue being discussed.
  • With a small group on a Quest in four game rounds, the QFWF guide or a game supervisor helps you to discover rich meanings around sensitive issues.

There are several dialogue forms:

The Dialogue Tables of What is your Quest? is suitable for playing in a small group: Either to play it by yourself with the help of the extensive Play Guide. Or you may do so under the guidance of a QFWF game supervisor.

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Purchase of Educative Materials

One hundred percent of the money raised by the sale of all of all these games will be used in realising our upcoming QFWF educational projects, all of which are non-profit and run by volunteers.

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Game Quest for wisdom

GR digitalDigital game Quest for WisdomAW siteAW educationalAW game

Turn the Digital Wheel of the Intercultural Art of Living!

The Digital game Quest for Wisdom is based on mythical narratives, proverbs and intercultural symbols that encompass visions of happiness and the art of living.

Twenty stories and eighty symbols from all corners of the world are categorized according to the Wheel of the intercultural art of living. Through reflecting on questions and visualizations of elemental wisdom, players arrive at one of the 20 stories and are assigned a path mirrored in that narrative through the use of the Wheel of the Intercultural Art of Living. They then choose one of four symbols from that story as an intercultural symbolic signpost. In total, the game consists of 80 different symbols from wisdom traditions from the East, West, North and South.

How to play the Game Quest for Wisdom

Animals from the woods ― symbol for natural wisdom

The digital game Quest for wisdom invites players to reflect on (their own and others’) views on happiness in life through means of seven questions.

These revolve around themes of the art of living:

  • To which natural element do you feel connected most (earth, water, air, fire, ether)?
  • Is your attitude to life more towards being proactive or alert following?
  • Which elemental motto gives direction on your life path?
  • Which strong quality gives you courage for further development and which quality do you want to develop further?
  • In which direction are you heading on your path?
  • See how your path in this direction looks like in terms of the art of living, according to the Wheel of the intercultural art of living?
  • Which intercultural symbol from the story assigned by the Wheel of the intercultural art of living would you choose as a signpost?
  • Would you like to receive the full story and the symbol by mail in order to tap into the meaning of the symbolic signpost – possibly in a conversation with a counsellor from the Quest for wisdom foundation?
Heart, symbol of being open and listening to your own heart

The aim is to review the particular course you’ve taken in your life (and career) as seen from the perspective of (inter)cultural mythological and philosophical wisdoms.

The symbolism of the game forms a valuable mirror, which can be further explored through dialogue for the development of the intercultural art of living individually, as a peer group or family, or as a work or sports team.

The further development of the game Quest for Wisdom

The digital game Quest for Wisdom is ‘under construction’. The intention is to add an English version and to improve and expand the functionality.

Using the game in a professional environment? Inquire about possibilities!

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