Hero Game (also outdoors): Play Yourself!

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Play yourself in the mirror of an inspiring role model

SPlayers look in the Mirror of Life with their own heroes and favorite fairy tales. What motivational figure or story do you remember from your childhood? Is there a living hero that inspires you right now? Following the path of an inspiring person (a living, legendary or fictional hero or heroine) in the game enables players to (re)orient themselves on their own path of life.

ISBN: 978-90-822774-6-3 — Heldenspel: speel je zelf!

  • Dynamic Game for discovering your motives and drives by following the way of living of your hero
  • Duration: two half-days, for 3 to 6 players.

Playing Materials

Box contains:

Hero Game: play yourself!
  • Playing fields:
    1 Mirror of Hero’s;
    1 Field of Ordeals
  • Playing attributes:
    1 Six Colours Dice;
    1 Sand Glass;
    8 Quintessence drops;
    2*4 Elements of Happiness;
    1 CD Dream travelling and Heroic Dreams (Droomreizen en Heldendromen) with 22 songs
  • Playing Cards and Tokens:
    8 Cards with Principles of Happiness;
    8 Cards with Weapons;
    8 Cards with Magical Helpers;
    8 Tokens with symbols of power of the way chosen;
    8 Rings with Hope and Fear;
    8 Tokens with Quintessence Qualities
  • Working Materials:
    1 Instruction Guide with
    8 Fill-in form for the exercises in the game

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Live-give, a rap from Henry Muldrow — Stichting Culturele Droomwevers! Listen:

Read (NL): Heldenspel-workshop

Hero Game Outdoors: Play Yourself!

Outside in nature or inside in a special location

ISBN: 978-94-92127-01-3 — Heldenbuitenspel: speel je zelf!

  • Outdoor Hero Game for teambuilding as well as for developing personal and collective values
  • Duration: two half-days, for 6 to 16 players, for groups of up to 24 players per team.
  • Also as activity for children!

Playing Materials

Comparable to the Hero Game

The Hero Game taps into the power to dream about life.

I dreamed I was a butterfly …
or maybe I am a butterfly dreaming of … ?

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Update 2022-07

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