A masterclass “Serendipity”

Masterclass: Proyecta Nature & Art fusion

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Docent: artist Fernando Ledesma
Location: In an artistic ambiance ‘en el campo’ near Salamanca, Spain.
Subject: For one week you will be submerged in beautiful place full of art and natural materials.
This inspiration this ambiance gives, with music and the charismatic teaching of artist Fernando Ledesma are the best ingredients to experience the power of co-creation, serendipity and the alchemy between the natural elements earth, wind, fire to go with the flow!
Participants: a small group of maximum 12 people
Duration: One week with bed & breakfast, wifi
Location: La Panera Vieja, Cilloruela, Salamanca
Phone: 669 99 02 66 / 686 11 11 20