The Intercultural Dialogue Game

Uncovering an Issue as a Quest!

Around the Dialogue Tablecloth: a dis-covering Quest from Imagination to Vision

Sitting with your friends, colleagues or family around the dialogue tablecloth, you discover colourful differences in views on the issue at hand, about which everyone has an opinion. Seeing the issue as a quest, you will explore questions, presuppositions and practical examples explicating the issue, in order to investigate in a polyphonic and pluriform way; to unravel vague, layered and multivocal meanings.

The symbols on the dialogue tablecloth appeal to the imagination! The focus in the dialogue is to question your own point of view and that of others, so that everyone’s experience, questions and desires behind the issue can come to the fore, as multicoloured as possible. Together you go on a journey of discovery — the issue turning into a quest — in the direction of the quintessence… that is the essence that everyone takes from the conversation. This is depicted on the dialogue tablecloth as the center with the pure elementary colours and the glass ball.

Intercultural perspectives shed light on the issue

The second round of the discovery dialogue focuses on philosophical tools with which you shed light on the issue. The eight symbols — tunnel, claw hammer, ladder, lantern, hot air balloon, goggles, bridge, and anchor — are linked with cross-cultural perspectives from East, West, North and South. These are briefly and powerfully depicted and expressed on eight cards.

There is a card set available with perspectives from Western philosophy, as well as an Intercultural set with sayings of sages and wisdom traditions from the different continents.

A discovering dialogue can be done in:

  1. a simple form, by freely associating yourself around the images on the dialogue tablecloth,
  2. a more complex form, by following the Dialogue Player Guide and using the card set
  3. also, it can be conducted as a form of biographical and philosophical research under the supervision of a professional Quest for wisdom dialogue facilitator.

The Issue as a Question and Quest

spelattributen voor het voeren van een beeldendialoog naar de kern van een kwestie...
Game attributes for conducting a dialogue to the core of an issue…

The dialogue game comes with a Dialogue Player Guide, containing some explanation about the background and symbolism in the game; a Western and/or Intercultural set of cards to explore the issue as a philosophical question; a coloured die and hourglass; the dialogue tablecloth, a canvas cloth, taken from the wooden dialogue table What is your Quest (ISBN: 978-94-92127-02-0)

The dialogue tablecloth is available in two sizes: for a small kitchen table or a slightly larger living room table. Four circles with symbols are visible on the canvas dialogue tablecloth. These symbolic images support the explorative dialogue about an issue: from the outside towards the core of the question — by connecting the issue with underlying life themes and philosophical questions — in a unique way as it unfolds for each participant. This method encourages participants to postpone judgment and to examine their own images and opinions about an issue.

The Intercultural Dialogue Game can be ordered with different game materials:

  1. The Dialogue Tablecloth only
    Small format 27 x 47 cm (as a game board) or 40 x 72 cm (as a roll): € 25,=
    Large format 60 x 107 cm: € 35,=
  2. The Dialogue Tablecloth including the Dialogue Player Guide and Hourglass for conducting the dialogue in four rounds —
    Surcharge to the Dialogue tablecloth for the Dialogue Player Guide and Hourglass € 15,=
  3. The Dialogue Tablecloth including a set of cards: either
    a) Western Philosophers and,or
    b) Intercultural Wisdom Traditions, and a coloured die:

Surcharge to the Dialogue tablecloth per set of cards and coloured die € 15,=

  1. All the prices are for home delivery by post including postage (within the Netherlands, informs for postage abroad) or pick up with a playful pre-view ( pretaste?): that is an explanation of the game by playing part of the game together.

Also, you can follow a workshop on game guidance:

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Update 2022-03