Kwadwo Addeah-Prempeh

Kwadwo Addeah-Prempeh, President, Ghana Readers Club

I attended the University of Ghana, University of Colorado at Denver and the Sunway University. And I hold a BSc. and an MSc.

My area of interest is in writing. While still in High school, I won my first major award for my school in writing which was the National Best Writer in the year 2000. After graduating from high school in 2002, I traveled to the United States on an exchange program between my high school in Ghana (Achimota School) and the Ballard High school in Louisville, Kentucky.
I spent one month on that program and an additional five months at the University of Colorado at Denver to study a Diploma short course in American English and History.

In 2004 I received my second big award in writing. I was awarded the UNESCO Best Children’s Writer in a completion that saw over one thousand people contesting and with me emerging as the winner. In 2010 I took part in a World Bank International Essay Writing Competition and emerged as the third of 200 best authors of the world and was called to receive my award in Sweden.

After College I worked for the Apex Bank of Ghana and moved on to work for the First Bank of Nigeria before resigning to establish the KP Group of Companies, which is a commercial agribusiness project that has employed over 20 youth within the community.
Although I began on a humble note, the company grew so fast and so big that in 2014 I received the National Best Farmer award in the piggery category on behalf of the company at the district level during the celebration of Ghana’s Farmer’s Day.

While still in active service at the bank, I felt the urge to go out there and do more work that would rather solve the Nation’s problems other than just coming to sit in the office everyday doing just credit and debit; and so I decided that my expertise in handling children could be of tremendous assistance in solving the issue of Ghana’s growing street children problem and this pushed me to volunteer with the ‘Chance for Children,’ a Swiss Based Street Children project with an office in Ghana in 2010 and out of that I came out with a book entitled “THE COURAGE OF TRUST, thoughts on reshaping the current machineries affecting street children in Ghana”, detailing all the horrors of being a street child in Ghana and Africa at large. This book was published and launched at the University of Ghana by the then Switzerland Ambassador to Ghana in 2012, and it immediately became a National sensation and bestselling book. The current Government of Ghana is now using the solutions I enlisted in the book to solve the issue of street children in Ghana.

That same year I was voted into office by an overwhelming majority to become the President of the Ghana Readers Club, a Club that is responsible for all matters concerning reading in Ghana and is under the Ghana Library Authority and the Ministry of Education in Ghana.
I am still the President of the Ghana Readers Club, and it is my hope that at the end of my Presidency, I would be remembered as the President who had a blend to bring the importance of reading to every home in Ghana and took the reality of the Ghanaian story and culture to world and brought the multicultural art of living of the outside world to the doorsteps of Ghana, and this is where I am happy to connect with Quest For Wisdom Foundation for that dream to become a reality especially at a time that Ghana is preparing to celebrate her 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Ghana Library Authority which saw the beginning Library activities in Ghana in 2019.

I am now a volunteer of Quest For Wisdom Foundation and I hope to contribute to the Foundation through writing articles about the reality of living in Africa and assist in organizing programs that will be of benefit to the multicultural society that we currently live in. Thank you.

About my name, KWADWO is my first name, while ADDEAH-PREMPEH is actually a compound name. The Addeah is my Father’s Name as in Dr. Addeah (the late) and the Prempeh is my second name, but my father made it a compound name for all his children. My first name KWADWO signifies that I was born on Monday. In Ghana all the seven days have names for anyone born on any particular day whether you are a male or female.

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